Egypt to Zion

Mother, mother, it’s been a while,
But I’m coming home
Mother, mother, when I come home
I’m coming alone

And I’m aware that when you saw me last
You saw me clinging dearly to my past
But no more

Earth and seed, they marry
In the spring I watch them grow
But my heart drowns with the rain fall
When it breaks, it breaks slow

And I’m aware that these things take time
But I can’t get that man off my goddamned mind, oh!
I have been so lost and yet I wander still
With grace as my crutch, with song my lungs are filled, oh!

If circles and circles I run,
I will still be running home to you
And if miles and miles I come,
Take one look back and just see who I was
Egypt has held me long,
But Zion has held me longer
If you don’t think I will come
Just take one look back and see who I was