Hollow Bones

You started out a solemn soul
Eyes of sterling and wings of gold
Hollow bones filled with hope
Help to take you where you want to go

So you packed up all your things and went
But weight accompanies time well spent
The hollow spaces you once knew
Became heavy as you grew and grew

A burden it is to travel light
Not on the body, but on the mind 
Let it down every once in a while
Come back home after mile after mile

Fill your books with 
Pressed plants and poetry
Empty your heart of the things that you’ve seen 

But don’t let me keep you
I know you have soaring to do
Just please don’t let go of me
Through all of the things that you see
I always knew you would leave
Right now I’m just trying to find peace
Just promise you will stay true
But do not let me keep you

Just promise you will return 
And tell of all the things you’ve learned 
But don’t let me keep you
I don’t know what I’ll do