This Mountain

I thought I was climbing this mountain right
But now I’m rolling down the other side
My body is an anchor as my fears take flight
I never thought you’d love me, I guess I was right 

Over and over I’ve walked this hike
But you stand at the top and look at me like
Once I reach your level you’ll push me back down
But still I have hope for tomorrow when I hit the ground 

This mountain’s height towers far above 
It will eclipse my heart and hide the one I love
My eyes are bound to you my mourning dove
But you turn me away when push comes to shove 

Yesterday I missed you, so I called your phone
But quickly I deciphered that no one was home 
Now it’s been a week, I guess you’re still gone
I never knew somebody could “lose their phone” for so long

This mountain’s hight towers far above
But you turn me away when push comes to shove

Now I can see that you’re no good for me

Let down after let down, you’ve blurred my sight
But now I’ve found my mountain and I’ve claimed this height