Versus Verses

I was told that if I said
The right words that are in my head
I would be held and home
Never to let go 

But the words I find are undefined
I don’t know how to make them mine
If only I could write my own
Reach inside my soul

The songs I write are out of time
My tongue has fallen out of line
I knit my thoughts into a broken cloth
Never to be sold

To think to feel is what makes us real
But to share in words is the letters seal
I don’t belong in this open book 
Forever I am closed

Now I have 
spoken words that are not mine
I’ve taken the mind to take and take time
But one day soon I will make myself home
In the light of the love that I’ve found and I’ve grown
Oh love of my life this light I have know
Love of this light shows the way home